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Dope Girl Mentorship

Dope Mentorship Academy will be a safe space for tween and teen girls to learn, explore, connect and grow in an inviting and nourishing environment.


They will be guided by mentors from various backgrounds and professions who are passionate about helping to build our future leaders 

  • Monthly Meet Ups

  • Trips

  • Workshops

  • Career Development

Coming Summer 2023

Dope Girl Ambassadors

Dope Girl Inc. Ambassador Program is a 12-month program that will be grouped into two different age ranges. The required ages will be 13-15 and 16-19. This program will focus on volunteering services for any of Dope Girl Inc.'s workshops, activities, and community events for middle and high school volunteer credit.


Throughout the program, ambassadors will be the face of Dope Girl Inc. promoting and highlighting who we are. experiences, and what we do within the community. 

Becoming A Dope Girl Ambassador Will Provide Opportunities For:


  • Networking With Peers & Community Members 

  • Giving Back To Community 

  • Improving Skills Such As Problem Solving, Leadership, Communication, and more...

  • Experience For College or Employment Application 


Coming Fall 2023

Please check back soon for all requirements and the application process.

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