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Myisha Pettigrew, Dope Girls Inc. Founder

Myisha Pettigrew is a serial entrepreneur with many passions and interests. With over 20 years in the beauty industry as a hairstylist guiding women along their journey to healthy hair, it was without a doubt that her passion would lead to helping young girls and teens. During the start of her career, Myisha obtained a degree in Specialized Business.   

Myisha knew long before her adult years that her mission was community. Her love for community allowed her to identify and focus on the community's need for helping young girls love themselves authentically.  Mysiha created Dope Girls Inc. in n2015 with a mission to create a safe space for girls to learn about loving themselves wholeheartedly and learning what that should look like through their own lens. 

Through research and life experiences Myisha has been able to create and facilitate programs and workshops to help and nurture young ladies throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding communities. Her goal is to be able to provide programming and workshops throughout different states in the near future. 

Myisha, wife, and mother of three currently reside in Philadelphia. Also Co-owner of Joie Candle Co; A boutique home fragrance and decor company based in Philadelphia. Myisha is an avid reader and loves to hike and brunch with friends.  

Jontue is the Vice President of Dope Girls Inc. Jontue has helped Dope Girls by creating workshops that help support confidence.   Based on her expertise her focus is to continue to create quality programming that will service every community need we tackle that aligns with our mission.


Ms. Speight has over 20 years of extensive knowledge of health insurance and healthcare. She currently is the Lead Office Manager with Penn Medicine. Her career in healthcare has awarded her opportunities to help serve patients and families navigate through insurance obstacles and become advocates for their health. Which is why she enjoys being the Vice President of Dope Girls Inc. This position has allowed her to show up for the community and young ladies. Jontue has been dedicated and drives

Jontue Speight, Vice President

purpose for Dope Girls. She continues to be a mentor to the young ladies we serve reminding them often that they are beautiful, they can be happy, being courageous, and they can achieve any goals they set their minds to.  

Jontue currently resides in West Philadelphia. A wife, mother of 2 and shows interest in reading, wineries, restaurants and traveling. 

Camille N. Simpkins, Treasure


Camille serves as the Treasurer for Dope Girls Inc. Camille supports Dope Girls with with access to capital and technical assistance to invest, develop and grow. Camille facilitates an after school Program entitled, “Dopepreneurs”.  The curriculum includes an approach to business creation, planning and pitch marketing for Youthpreneurs. 


Camille has served as a trusted advisor in the financial services industry for the last 20 years managing operations in Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY, and Boston, MA. Her previous roles include Banking Analyst, Branch Manager, Customer Experience Manager, and Business Development Officer. Camille prides herself as a valuable resource and thought partner for business owners by providing managed support, and positive cash flow guidance. She consistently supports the growth of Minority, Women Owned, and Disabled business enterprises. Camille’s motto is “Live to Give” and is a strong advocate for volunteerism.


Camille is a servant to her community. She serves on the board of the following organizations.


  • Dope Girls Inc.

  • The Blue Elephant Project

  • The Business Center


Camille is originally from (West) Philadelphia, “The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection”. Camille lives in Philadelphia with her 17 year-old son, Charles.

Board of Directors

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